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Leadership and Strategy Offsites

We don't do chat fests.  Our offsites are dynamic and interactive.  We'll challenge you to think about your business environment in a different way.  We'll push you to come up with concrete actions and plans.  We'll pull apart your assumptions, then help you put them back together into a strategy that will achieve your goals.  By the end of our offisites you'll be tired, but you won't be bored.

Culture development and embedding

We believe that culture is the foundation of your organisation.  Whether you need to figure out what your culture is, change a toxic culture, or embed great behaviours, we can help.  We'll help you pass the "reality TV test" = if cameras came into your office for a month, would you be proud of what they saw and heard?

Operating Model

You have the perfect strategy and a culture that makes Silicon Valley jealous, but is your structure holding you back?  That RACI sitting in your bottom drawer gathering dust isn't enough.  The "best practice models" other companies have shown you are already yesterday's news.  We'll help you define an operating model that is uniquely yours, aligned with your business objectives, culture, and the changing environment.

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People and Talent

Excellence doesn't happen by accident.  Developing your people requires a plan and the dedication to follow through.  Whether it's succession planning, talent identification, or manager skills, we can help you build a talent strategy that builds your people and your business.

Learning and Development

Make death-by-PowerPoint a thing of the past.  We can turn your boring vanilla learning into your secret sauce for attracting and retaining the best people.  From a full-scale learning strategy to developing bespoke training courses to a selection of off-the-shelf programs, we've got you covered.

Facilitation and Delivery

You know those people who are more afraid of public speaking than death?  They don't work here.  Whether it's 5 people or 500, we'll keep your audience engaged with interactive facilitation techniques and high-energy presentations.  We can use your content or bring our own.

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