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The art and science of Change

Don't just change systems and processes...change hearts and minds.  We can help you drive sustained change through a practical approach across five key areas of Change Management.  Whether you want us to teach your people how to plan and execute Change Management, or you want us to come in and do it for you, Parkour Consulting can help you embed lasting behavioural change.

Building Sponsorship

Research has shown that sponsorship from top management is one of the key indicators of project success.  Let us help you clearly define the role of a sponsor, find the right person for the role, then support that sponsor to effectively influence and drive the success of the change.

Stakeholder Management.png

Engaging and Managing Stakeholders

Different stakeholders have different needs.  We provide the tools and expertise to identify and segment your stakeholder groups, then develop an engagement plan that will allow you to bring key individuals and groups along on the change journey.

Communicating Change

Whether you need a full communications strategy and approach or support in writing communications, we can ensure your message is clearly communicated across multiple channels to multiple audiences.  We can also support you to develop two-way communications, ensuring you're receiving timely and relevant feedback from your stakeholders.

Communication Tower

Planning and delivering training

Enable your people to adopt change through effective and engaging training.  From curriculum development to course creation to session facilitation, we help people build the knowledge, skills, and mindset they need to put new ways of working into practice.  

Measuring Change

Do you know if your change program is a success?  By measuring three key success indicators - organisational performance, individual performance, and Change Management performance - we can help you determine whether your change has been successfully embedded.

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